Oversikt over skader i Premier League 2021/2022

Skader i Premier League

Skader i Arsenal

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Gabriel dos Santos MagalhaesKnee InjuryAug 12: “Gabriel continues to be assessed and is aiming to be back in training in by early September.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Thomas ParteyAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 07: “Sustained an injury to ligaments in his right ankle during the friendly match against Chelsea. Expected to be back in training in approximately three weeks.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Edward NketiahAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 07: “Sustained bruising to his right ankle during the friendly match against Chelsea. Expected to be back in training in approximately four weeks.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Rob HoldingOtherAug 08: “With Rob, he was not available, he wasn’t fit enough to play today.”13/08/2021Late Fitness Test50%

Skader i Aston Villa

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Ollie WatkinsKnee InjuryKnee Injury14/08/2021None75% 
Emiliano BuendiaGroin/Hip/Pelvic InjuryHip Injury14/08/2021Currently Being Assessed50% 
Mahmoud Ibrahim HassanKnee InjuryApr 20: “Had a nasty knee injury last week and he’s going to be out for a significant time now. He’s had an operation that was successful.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Morgan SansonKnee InjuryMay 18: “Morgan is still not available, he’s just got a recurrence of the knee injury so he’s out for the last couple of games.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Douglas Luiz Soares de PauloOtherOlympicsNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Leon BaileyOtherSelf-isolating as a precaution (Covid-19)No Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out

Skader i Brentford

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Ivan ToneyOtherAug 11: “Ivan will start definitely!”13/08/2021None100% 
Joshua DasilvaGroin/Hip/Pelvic InjuryJul 07: “It is a hip injury that is rare, so the way we’ve gone about it has to be careful. It’s not an injury where I can give you a time, we’re trying to manage it in the right way. I’ll have answers soon.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Mathias JensenOtherAug 11: “Mathias hasn’t played in pre-season and he will miss out as well.”No Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 

Skader i Brighton

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Danny WelbeckThigh InjuryAug 05: “It’s a little recurrence of what he picked up at the end of last season. It’s frustrating for him and for us but we anticipate him coming back the other side of the international break.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Tariq LampteyThigh InjuryAug 12: “It’s been a slow few weeks, but he has made good progress and we are hoping that continues over the next few weeks. After the international break we hope to see a bit more of Tariq.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Dan BurnKnee InjuryMedial Knee Ligament Injury – MCL InjuryNo Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 
Kjell ScherpenAnkle/Foot InjuryAnkle Ligament InjuryNo Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 
Moises Caicedo CorozoKnee InjuryKnee InjuryNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Michal KarbownikAnkle/Foot InjuryAnkle SprainNo Return DateCurrently Being Assessed50% 

Skader i Burnley

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Matthew LowtonOtherSelf-isolating as a precaution (Covid-19)14/08/2021None100% 
Dale StephensAnkle/Foot InjuryMay 13: “We’re checking his ankle.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Kevin LongCalf/Shin/Heel InjuryApr 23: “Isn’t quite there yet. [We’re] just trying to settle [it] down.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 

Skader i Chelsea

SpillerSkadeDetlajer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Hakim ZiyechShoulder InjuryShoulder InjuryNo Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 

Skader i Crystal Palace

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Michael OliseLower Back InjuryBack InjuryNo Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 
Eberechi EzeCalf/Shin/Heel InjuryMay 19: “He went to turn and the next thing we know he’s on the floor. He has felt something in his Achilles. Ultrasound [and MRI] [confirmed] there was an injury. Now an op has been planned.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Nathan FergusonCalf/Shin/Heel InjuryAchilles Tendon RuptureNo Return DateNoneRuled Out

Skader i Everton

SpillerSkadeDetlajer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Dominic Calvert-LewinAnkle/Foot InjuryToe Injury14/08/2021Currently Being Assessed50% 
Jarrad BranthwaiteAnkle/Foot InjuryAnkle SurgeryNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Richarlison de AndradeOtherOlympicsNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Andre GomesOtherKnockNo Return DateCurrently Being Assessed50% 
Jean-Philippe GbaminOtherKnockNo Return DateCurrently Being Assessed50% 
Moise KeanOtherKnockNo Return DateCurrently Being Assessed50%

Skader i Leicester

SpillerSKadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Diego LlorenteKnee InjuryAug 12: “Llorente isn’t [available]. It’s subject to his evolution, but it’ll be one or two weeks more.”29/08/2021NoneRuled Out 
Hector Junior Firpo AdamesOtherKnock14/08/2021None100% 
Jamie ShackletonHead/Face InjuryAug 12: “He’s recovered, he’s well and he’s available.”14/08/2021None100% 
Adam ForshawOtherAug 12: “He hasn’t played for two years and up to now he’s played 60 minutes without any problems. Consider the process for his recovery is a longer one.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out

Skader i Everton

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Jonny EvansAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 12: “Jonny was out on the pitch today. The plan for him is for after the international break. We’re just assessing the pain of that.”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Timothy CastagneHead/Face InjuryAug 12: “We’re going to make a final decision on Timothy tomorrow. He’s trained well. This week he’s joined in with his mask, and he feels comfortable. He’s done everything we would want for him to participate in the game.”14/08/2021Late Fitness Test75% 
James JustinKnee InjuryAug 03: “James is progressing really well. He’s doing a lot of strength-based work on his leg. He looks great. He just needs that little bit of time. There was maybe talk of around October or November for him so we’ll see how that goes.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Wesley FofanaCalf/Shin/Heel InjuryAug 07: “He will play in 2022 at some time. The ligament damage is quite bad. He has an operation [on] Monday.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Nampalys MendyGroin/Hip/Pelvic InjuryGroin StrainNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 

Skader i Liverpool

Curtis JonesHead/Face InjuryAug 11: “He had a slight concussion so we just have to follow the protocol. He is fine, he feels fine again, but that’s the protocol. He is available for training from Sunday on I think.”21/08/2021None75%TRACK 
Andrew RobertsonAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 09: “I think we got lucky, it will not be too long. I’m not sure [if] before or after the international break, it’s difficult in these situations. But not too long.”No Return DateNoneRuled OutTRACK 
Jordan HendersonOtherAug 05: “Hendo trained today in Liverpool. We will meet him on Saturday [and] we will see if he plays a few minutes [vs Athletic] or not. Probably more likely in the second game [vs Osasuna].”No Return DateCurrently Being Assessed25%

Skader i Manchester City

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Philip FodenAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 06: “Phil will be still out for a while, he had a tough injury for [England] and couldn’t play the final. We have to be careful because it could be longer [if he comes back too soon].”11/09/2021NoneRuled Out 
Kevin De BruyneAnkle/Foot InjuryAug 06: “Kevin is still out. I think he’ll come back a little quicker than Phil apparently, but both are still out for a while.”28/08/2021NoneRuled Out 
Liam DelapOtherUndisclosedNo Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out

Skader – Manchester United

SpillerSkadeDetaljer om skadenPotential ReturnConditionStatus 
Marcus RashfordShoulder InjuryJuly 30: “Following consultation between Marcus, the manager, club medical staff and specialists, he will undergo surgery imminently to resolve his shoulder injury. Marcus will now focus on his rehab in order to return ASAP.”No Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Alex TellesAnkle/Foot InjuryJuly 27: “Unfortunately, it’s worse news than we hoped for, his ankle injury is a little bit more severe and he’ll be out for a little spell at least, the whole of August I would think.”No Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 
Dean HendersonOtherAug 07: “Dean was positive early on but he’s not felt as energised or sharp [since]. He’s still fatigued and feeling the after-effects. He’s got to rest and then we’ll check on him.”No Return DateCurrently Being Assessed25% 
Jesse LingardOtherAug 07: “Jesse, he feels okay, and hopefully it’ll stay that way but when you get the positive test you’ve got to isolate even if you’re feeling well.”No Return DateCurrently Being AssessedRuled Out 
Raphael VaraneOtherAug 07: “He’s isolating at the moment, he had to wait for visas, so unfortunately that took a few more days than expected but we’re gonna follow the protocols and the rules. It’s took a few more days than we hoped for.”No Return DateCurrently Being Assessed25% 
Jadon SanchoOtherAug 07: “Jadon is in for Monday and hopefully then he’s in decent nick and can be involved.”No Return DateCurrently Being Assessed50% 
Edinson Cavani GomezOtherLate Return from International DutyNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
Phil JonesKnee InjuryJuly 28: “He is due to start training over the weekend, which is a big plus for him. He’s such a professional, it’s great to see him ready to train and hopefully get game time soon.”No Return DateNone25% 
Eric Bertrand BaillyOtherOlympicsNo Return DateNoneRuled Out 
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Skader i Premier League

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